Unifying Alabama's Traffic Safety Efforts
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Strategic Highway Safety Plan

The 4E’s of Transportation Safety

o   Engineering
o   Enforcement
o   Education
o   Emergency Response


For reference , the  previously completed 2012-2017 SHSP (2nd Edition)  is available at the following link.
An Executive Summary of the Plan is available here

 The First SHSP (1st edition) was developed during the summer of 2006 and adopted in September 2006 and is available for reference.


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Older Drivers and Pedestrians Special Rule

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The State of Alabama has an initiative to develop the most recent Strategic Highway Safety Plan.

This task is being conducted by the University of Alabama (UA) for the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT).


ALDOT has decided to  use a “bottom up” approach to update the SHSP. This approach involves developing regional coalitions in charge of providing input for data driven regional safety action plans. 

Each plan will identify the most pressing traffic safety challenges (Emphasis Areas) and outline strategies to reduce fatalities and serious injuries in the region and subsequently statewide. The regional plans will be used to update the overall statewide SHSP in 2017.


Each regional coalition will convene a diverse group of stakeholder participants representing all facets of the 4E’s ranging from industry to community civic groups. Stakeholders will participate in meetings to review and discuss region specific transportation data, identify Emphasis Areas, and then work on Emphasis Area Teams to prioritize initiatives and actions to reduce the related crashes.


We need the participation of all interested stakeholders in order to make this process a success and impact transportation safety in the State of Alabama.

Additional information about the regional coalitions can be found by clicking the region buttons above or by visiting our 
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SHSP Information

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