State Data Links
Traffic Crash Data For Other State
Traffic Crash Data For Each State
The following web sites from other states have been found to contain excellent data access and summaries:

Alabama - CARE Reports

Alaska - Traffic Safety Statistics

Arizona - Arizona Department of Public Safety

Arkansas - Highway Safety Office and Traffic Safety Program

California - California Traffic Safety Institute

Colorado - Colorado Department of Transportation

Connecticut - Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center

Delaware - Delaware Department of Transportation

FloridaFlorida Highway Patrol Traffic Safety

Georgia - Georgia Department of Public Safety

Hawaii - Hawaii Traffic Safety and Driving Laws

Idaho - Office of Highway Safety

Illinois - DOT Traffic Safety

Indiana - Indiana DOT

Iowa - Office of Traffic and Safety and Iowa Traffic Safety Data Service

- Kansas DOT

- Kentucky Transportation Center

- Crash Reports and SHSP Reports

Maine - Maine DOT Safety

Maryland - Maryland Highway Safety Office

Massachusetts - Massachusetts Traffic Records Analysis Center

Michigan - MI Traffic Safety

Minnesota - MN Highway Safety & Research Center

Mississippi - Mississippi Traffic Safety

Missouri - Missouri Safety Center

Montana - Montana DOT Statistics and Data

Nebraska - Nebraska Safety Center

Nevada - Nevada Office of Traffic Safety

New Hampshire - Department of Safety

New Jersey - Safety Center

New Mexico
- New Mexico Transportation Safety Center

New York - Highway Safety Data Page

North Carolina - Traffic Safety Research Center

North Dakota - Traffic Safety DOT

- Ohio Traffic Safety Office

Oklahoma - Oklahoma Highway Safety Office

- Oregon DOT

Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Traffic Safety Enforcement Resource Center

Rhode Island - Rhode Island DOT

South Carolina
- South Carolina Department of Public Safety

South Dakota - South Dakota Department of Public Safety

Tennessee - Traffic Safety Resource Service

- Texas DOT Traffic Operations and Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Utah - Highway Safety Crash Data and Statistics

- Department of Public Safety Vermont State Police

Virginia - Virginia Commonwealth University Transportation Safety Training Center and Virginia DOT

Washington - Washington Traffic Safety Commission and Washington State DOT

West VirginiaDOT Page and The Governor's Highway Safety Program

Wisconsin -
DOT Traffic Safety Education and Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory

- Wyoming DOT Highway Safety Program

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