Data Sources
For all Alabama data, click and review the pages under the Data and Analysis tab. You might want to visit the Quick Read Statistics page first in case the numbers you are looking for are there.

To get direct hands-on to the most recent year of Alabama data, click CARE/eCrash under the Data and Analysis tab and follow the directions there.

For National fatality statistics (FARS), click here.

For statistics from other states, use Google (or other search engine) and enter State Crash Facts or State Crash Statistics, or if you know the state, substitute the state name for the word "State" in the search box. Generally, all 50 states have their own crash facts summaries, and other than the FARS reports, these differ from state to state as to the format and content of the summaries and the crash reports themselves.

Before investing considerable time into research, check some of the agencies that do National studies to get background on your research topic; for example, the National Crash Analysis Center.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Highway Administration also maintain web sites that are rich with traffic safety studies and information.