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Safe Home Alabama
Safe Home Alabama Disclaimer

The (henceforth SHA) web site was created to be an on-line open-content collaborative effort to enable open and full communication among all those who are engaged in traffic safety efforts (i.e., the traffic safety community) primarily within, but not limited to, the State of Alabama.  Its development was sponsored by federal funding provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) through the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA).  The site was developed by the University of Alabama Center for Advanced Public Safety (CAPS).  These entities will henceforth be collectively referenced as “Sponsors.” 

The content of most pages within SHA is generally under the control of the governmental agency or the service organization that bears the page name.  In the interest of promoting open communications, there is very little screening of this content or of the links on the bottom of the pages.  Statements with regard to the activities of each of the traffic safety organizations are their responsibilities, and any questions should be addressed directly to these organization.  In most cases they have their own web pages that are linked from the SHA page, and the contact information can generally be found on their contact pages.  The only time we would restrict content on any of these pages is if we found statements that were made to undermine the integrity of another organization; to date, that has never happened.

  The Sponsors are not responsible for any statements made that are the opinions posted on any of the pages.  While CAPS will exercise due diligence to prevent the publication of copyrighted materials, the Sponsors are not responsible for any copyrighted material that might be posted on or linked from SHA.  Finally, none of the Sponsors, administrators or anyone connected with their respective organizations are in any way whatsoever responsible for inaccurate or libelous information, or for any such information that might be found on links from these web pages.

  Neither the sponsors nor any participant in the maintenance of SHA are responsible for the accuracy of the content of any research or news articles.  These are published as a public service and the same precautions with regard to accuracy should be exercised as would be true of documents found elsewhere on the Internet. If any reader or user of SHA feels that a statement made on this website is libelous, in violation of a copyright, in error, or is, in the least way, detrimental to the traffic safety effort, we request that you report such using the following e-mail address: