The Mission

The traffic safety information portal is dedicated to providing comprehensive information both to the traffic safety community and to the general public, with the primary goal of reducing the number of people killed and the overall suffering and economic loss caused by traffic collisions.  Being comprehensive, it has the objective of providing a communication conduit among all of those involved in traffic safety so that our efforts can be better coordinated.  While it centers on efforts within Alabama, much of the information that is available has universal applicability.
This site is organized by the tabs on the top of the screen. Each tab contains a drop-down list of page titles that point toward specific subjects within the overall category.

The following gives a brief overview of each of the tabs:
  • SHA Home -- Recommended for those new to the site, this tab contains overall information about traffic safety in general and the site itself in particular. It points to several data sources both on this site and others, and gives indexes to all of the pages on this site.

  • Service Groups -- These are private advocacy groups and charitable institutions that have special interests in traffic safety.

  • Government Agencies -- This is a long list of the various governmental agencies that are involved in traffic safety in Alabama, as well as some of the multi-agency programs.

  • University -- University based traffic safety efforts.

  • Safety Topics -- Items under this tab generally refer to information and training materials generally used in public information and education efforts.

  • Data and Analysis -- This provides information on and access to Alabama and FARS crash data as well as a number of efforts that are largely data intensive, such as IHSDM/HSM, Road Improvments, the SHSP Document and Work Zone efforts.