Unifying Alabama's Traffic Safety Efforts
     Working Together to Save Lives    
SHA Summit
In 2005, the year of the first Safe Home Alabama Traffic Safety Summit, 1,148 people died on Alabama roadways. In 2010 this number was 848, a reduction of 26 percent. That seems like an impressive reduction in fatalities, but the Alabama traffic safety community will not be satisfied until this number is reduced to zero. That’s why Safe Home Alabama III will focus on a philosophy called Toward Zero Deaths.

If you wanted to join the race Toward Zero Deaths on the roadways of Alabama, Safe Home Alabama III provided that opportunity. Things that worked from the first Alabama Strategic Highway Safety plan were presented as well as the content of the draft second edition of the Alabama Strategic Highway Safety plan, which focuses on areas of infrastructure, human behavior, emergency medical services, traffic safety information systems and legislation. Safe Home Alabama III also featured breakout sessions that provided feedback for the focus areas of the second edition of the Alabama Strategic Highway Safety plan, and the opportunity to network with your peer traffic safety professionals. It also rolled out the new Alabama public information and awareness campaign that embraces the movement Toward Zero Deaths.

The primary goals of Safe Home Alabama III were to increase your knowledge of efforts to reduce roadway related fatalities and serious injuries in Alabama, to solicit your feedback on the second edition of the Alabama Strategic Highway Safety plan, and to enlist support for the Toward Zero Deaths Safe Driving Revolution, so that we may work together to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries on the roads of Alabama as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Alabama Traffic Records Coordinating Committee met in the afternoon Traffic Safety Information Systems breakout session and further reviewed the DRAFT Traffic Safety Information Systems 2011-2015 Strategic Plan.