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Cell Phone Blocking
Student Creates Distracted Driving App
Dave is an app created to deter distracted driving that blocks notifications, text, and calls. It is password-protected and allows users to add 3 phone numbers that will come through if the app is activated for emergency purposes.


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Volkswagen Uses Movie Theater To Convey Important Message About Distracted Driving

This short ad from Volkswagen serves as a reminder to not use cell phones while driving, and should encourage you to put a cell phone blocking application on your phone so that the temptation to use the phone and drive doesn't exist!
If This Game Is What It Takes To Keep Your Eyes On The Road, Then Fine

Rack up a new high score by doing nothing -- it certainly sounds like an enthralling gaming experience. But given our addiction to accumulating imaginary points and achievements, be they reddit karma or Candy Crush levels, perhaps we should give Samsung's driver attention app a chance.

Here's the gist: Install the Android app Eyes on the Road (if you live in Singapore, where Samsung is test-launching the app; if not, wait). Like a lot of new, well-intentioned tech aimed to cut driver distraction, the app locks out features such social notifications, calling, and text alerts while you're driving. It does so by sensing your speed; if you're moving at more than 12 mph or so, these alerts are hidden. As you drive with the app in "active mode," you accrue points for miles traveled. Rack up a few hours behind the wheel without succumbing to the temptation to check Facebook and feel the points pile up. And don't worry that your ignoring your friends or significant other; an auto-generated reply will let them know you're driving.

It's easy to deride apps that try to gameify the world (achievements can be shared via Facebook to encourage mobile-free driving!), but even if everything's made up and the points don't matter, results do. If the promise of virtual rewards keep more eyes on the road, then so be it. Plus, for a limited time Samsung is supplementing those virtual rewards with tangible ones, allowing users to use their points to save money on insurance or gas.

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Examples of Cell Phone Blocking Systems
Sprint Driver First
  • Automatically activates when the phone is in motion
  • Prevents texts, calls, and other unsafe distractions
  • 911 image can be overriden in emergency situations

txtBlocker -- Best Buy
  • Set up "No-Cell Zones to disable functions
  • Track phone's location in real time
  • Phone can always make 911 calls and safe list number calls

  • Mobile app that reads text and emails out loud
  • Responds to messages without drivers touching the phone

  • Disables texting functions while driving
  • If Textecution is removed from phone, parent is immediately notified

  • One-time setup that disables mobile devices when car is in motion
  • Blocks unsafe applications
  • Reports of removal or deactivation sends an email to designated administration

ONE Protect
  • Android and Blackberry only
  • Smartphone management software
  • Administration Portal allows parents to remotely manage their loved ones' smartphones
  • Can also block apps such as Facebook during certain hours of the day

AT&T DriveMode
  • When vehicle is traveling at 25 mph, this app automatically sends an auto-reply message to text messages allowing friends to know you cannot reply right now.

  • Phone app that disables cell use while driving
  • Will provide alerts, notifications, and advice to parents when phones are in certain GPS locations.

Safely Go
  • Allows calls and texts from only 3 "VIP contacts"
  • Auto-replies to message saying you are on the road.
  • Enables calls through handsfree devices
  • Allows only 3 Driving apps while driving (such as maps, navigation, music)

  • Blocks text message alerts and phone ringtones
  • Sends auto reply messages and calls saying that driver will reply later
  • Optional parent alert, to deactivate blocking ringtones

SafeHomeAlabama does not endorse any manufacturers of blocking devices. We applaud all of their efforts to provide the means for greater safety through the reduction of distractions from electronic devices. We urge parents and others who are concerned to evaluate all of these options.