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From the non-governmental "DMV Written Test" web site.

"If you’re preparing to apply for your Alabama driver’s license, then you should already have a copy of the Alabama Driver’s Handbook. All of the information covered by your written knowledge test will be contained within, so make sure you read it cover to cover and study with a solid practice test to help you anticipate what you can expect from the test itself. You may also wish to peruse the following other pages of this site for a preview of what you can expect from the process of dealing with the DMV. "

Alabama Driver's Exam Written Test Practice
DMV-written-test.com provides access to sample Alabama driver's exams. Their tests show the user more information while they take the online test, like why an answer was marked as incorrect.

The fee for each knowledge test is $5.00, no checks accepted. Automated testing is available to all applicants taking the driver license knowledge test.

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The driver education database, DMV-Permit-Test.com, is a free online service that will help Alabama residents prepare for the driver knowledge test and become safe drivers.

Here is the link to the Alabama practice tests provided by DMV-Permit-Test

DMV-Permit-Test.com provides free access to a wealth of driver-related resources, including:
- free online permit practice tests
- driver's training
- frequently asked questions
- latests official Driver’s Manuals

Our aim is to make the road a safer place. Our users will not be asked to provide their email address, create an account, or share any other personal information.

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