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Vehicle Defects/Recalls
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Check to Protect
NSC: Check To Protect urges all vehicle owners to check for open recalls. It's free, quick, easy, and helps protect you and your family. But only if you get your recall repaired. Don't put off fixing a recall.


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Vehicle Defect IMPACT Analysis PDF
The high level analysis of vehicles in general for vehicle defects showed a high correlation of the defect type and the vehicle type, which is expected since certain defects apply only to trucks.  Thus, the study was divided into two separate analyses, one for large trucks and the other for passenger cars.  To a large extent large trucks are already inspected by the FMCSA and the ALEA Motor Carriers Unit.  The passenger car analysis showed that tires account for over 70% of the fatal crashes caused by vehicle defects in cars, and that speed is a major co-factor.

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Feds Expand Probe Into Possible Carbon Monoxide Leaks in Ford SUVs
NBC News: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Thursday that it’s expanding its investigation into reports of carbon monoxide leaks in some Ford SUVs.

The agency said it is now looking into 791 complaints of Ford Explorers model years 2011-2017. That’s up from the initial 154 complaints regulators began investigating a year ago in model years 2011-2015. A report from the NHTSA says an additional 2,051 complaints were lodged with the manufacturer. There have been 41 reported injuries, the NHTSA said.

The potential carbon monoxide exposure in the SUVs has drawn pointed scrutiny in Austin, Texas, where the police department has already pulled more than 60 of its vehicles from the streets. A modified version of the Ford Explorer, called a Police Interceptor Vehicle, is popular with law enforcement agencies across the country.

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Feds Move to Quicken Pace of Takata Air Bag Repairs
The Detroit News: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is moving to accelerate the pace of repairs to cars that have faulty air bag inflators made by Japanese supplier Takata.

The agency said Friday that Takata must provide replacement parts “on an accelerated basis and made available first to the riskiest vehicles.” Nearly 70 million air bags with defective inflators have been recalled. Flying shrapnel from exploding inflators made by the company has been tied to 11 deaths and approximately 180 injuries in the United States, and at least one more death outside the U.S.

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Car-Stealing 'Mystery Device' Uncovered
The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) has gotten hold of a “mystery device” that thieves have been spotted on security cameras using to electronically open and start cars.

The organization says that it obtained it through an outside security expert who purchased it overseas. It describes it as a “relay attack” unit that was originally designed for manufacturers to test the security of their wireless systems, but it and others like it have made their way into criminal hands, and handmade versions have also been discovered.


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Safe Cars Save Lives – Check For Recalls
Check for Vehicle Recalls by VIN Number or by Make & Model - Click Here

Twitter: #CheckForRecalls

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Daylight Savings Time is Around the Corner
NHTSA: Daylight savings time is around the corner. Families everywhere will be turning back the clock and checking other safety essentials around the house, like smoke detector batteries. We’d like to encourage Americans to add checking their vehicles for open recalls to their safety checklist. So many of us spend hours in the car commuting to work, driving to school, sports, etc. A quick safety check that takes a couple of minutes can help keep everyone safe on the road. We know: "Safe Cars Save Lives."

We’d like you to encourage your followers to use NHTSA’s VIN Look-Up tool on SaferCar.gov at least twice a year to see if any of their vehicles are under a recall. To help remember, time the recall check with daylight saving time—every November when setting clocks back and every March when setting clocks forward.

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The Hidden, Potentially Deadly Dangers of Keyless Car Ignition Systems


[NBC] Safety experts warn that keyless ignition systems are leading to an increasing number of drivers accidentally leaving their cars running - filling their homes with deadly fumes.

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