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AAA Traffic Safety Foundation

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety was founded in 1947 by AAA to conduct research to address growing highway safety issues. The organization's mission is to identify traffic safety problems, foster research that seeks solutions and disseminate information and educational materials.

The Foundation has funded over 250 project designed to discover the causes of traffic crashes, prevent them, and minimize injuries when they do occur. Knowledge is the first step to becoming a better driver. The Foundation's studies have shown that understanding the risk of driving and one's own limitations can prevent crashes. The Foundation's materials seek to give drivers new skills, sharpen old ones, and change attitudes as the first step to changing behaviors. Additionally, AAAFTS research is used to create focused, high-impact education material for drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and road users or all ages.

AAAFTS has grown considerably during the past six decades. Initially emphasizing project related to safety patrols and driver education, today the Foundation is recognized as a leader in traffic safety, being cited for its landmark studies on distracted driving and creating a conversation on traffic safety culture publishing its annual safety culture survey. Over time the Foundation has expanded its scope and diversified areas of concentration while still focusing on AAA priority issues which include senior safety and mobility, teen driving, road safety, and safety culture.

For more information, visit www.aaafoundation.org.
2016 Traffic Safety Culture Index
This document presents the results of the AAA Foundation’s ninth annual Traffic Safety Culture Index, a nationally-representative survey conducted in 2016 that assesses the U.S. driving population’s attitudes and perceptions toward traffic safety. More than 2,500 survey respondents contributed to the results tabulated in the Appendix section.

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American Driving Survey 2014-2015
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Evaluating Technologies Relevant to the Enhancement of Driver Safety
The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety tasked the MIT AgeLab with developing a data-driven system for rating the effectiveness of new in-vehicle technologies intended to improve driver safety. Such a system was envisioned as having the potential to educate and guide consumers towards more confident and strategic purchasing decisions, ideally encouraging adoption of technologies showing demonstrated safety benefit. Further, an evaluation of the status and extent of existing data was seen as a way of identifying research gaps in the present state of knowledge about these safety systems. It should be made clear that the focus of the project based on the mandate given to the MIT AgeLab was on given technologies as a class, not on a rating review of individual vehicle model implementations. Development of the rating system and identification of data was undertaken in consultation with identified academic, industrial, consumer, NGO, and governmental experts as well as with representatives of a majority of the major automotive manufacturers. Almost universal endorsement of the importance of this undertaking was voiced. 

This project was initiated in response to an RFP issued by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety entitled Effectiveness and Efficacy of Technologies to Reduce Older Driver Crashes. Following discussions with the Foundation’s R&D Committee, it was decided to expand the scope of the project to consider drivers across the lifespan.The stated purpose of the RFP was to support research to identify and develop objective measures that could be used to construct a rating system to compare and contrast the effectiveness of a wide range of relatively new in-vehicle technologies that are relevant to enhancing driver safety. At the initiation of the project, we stated that we believed that this undertaking has the potential to provide a useful tool to aid consumers in making informed decisions about the purchase and use of safety systems. It was also seen as an opportunity to stimulate discussion and possible action within the safety research and manufacturer communities relative to developing a more comprehensive approach to thinking about safety and methods for objectively evaluating new technologies.

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E15 Issues
The relationship between potential engine failures by E15 is a major traffic flow and traffic safety issue. It is important that consumers understand the ramifications of using E15 in their vehicles. A recent survey by AAA finds a strong likelihood of consumer confusion and the potential for voided warranties and vehicle damage as a result of the Environmental Protection Agency's recent approval of E15 gasoline. An overwhelming 95% of consumers surveyed have not heard of E15, a newly approved gasoline blend that contains up to 15% ethanol.