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Alabama Updates Commercial Learner's Permit Procedures
ATA Newsroom: Alabama is updating its commercial learner’s permit (CLP) to comply with recent Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulation. In the coming days, the state will start issuing a separate document for the CLP that is valid for 180 days, but applicants can renew it one time for an additional 180 days without retaking the knowledge tests.

Alabama currently upgrades a person’s base license to a commercial learner’s permit. However, the applicant will keep their base license and will receive a second document: a commercial learner’s license. Both documents will display the same driver’s license number, and therefore only require one record in the state database system.

According to Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) officials, CDL applicants keep their base license. They will be issued a separate CLP for the class/endorsement the person wishes to obtain. The CLP will have the same driver’s license number and will be in the same format as a base license. They must have their base license in their possession when driving the commercial motor vehicle that requires a CDL. They must also have a proper licensed CDL holder in the front seat (same as always).

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