Unifying Alabama's Traffic Safety Efforts
      Working Together to Save Lives    





Whether you are a traffic safety professional or a private citizen contributing to the traffic safety effort, it is our goal to help you in every way that we can. This website was designed to be the first state-level traffic safety site to be inclusive of all efforts in the state. We are not associated with any single state agency.  We depend on volunteers, not only from the state traffic safety agencies, but from all governmental and private service groups within the state that care to contribute information on their traffic safety activities.

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  • Impaired driving is a huge issue we face on the road today, read more about the consequences and the steps being taken to prevent the problem here.

  • The federal agencies involved with traffic safety are putting special emphasis on distracted driving, read about this problem here.

  • Safe Home Alabama hopes to spread education to young drivers about issues they may face on the road. Read more about these issues here.