• June 9th, 2020

This Traffic Safety Facts report briefly summarizes findings on pedalcyclist fatalities in 2018.  There were 857 pedalcyclist deaths in 2018, about 2.3 percent of all traffic fatalities during the year.

  • 79 percent of pedalcyclists died in crashes in urban areas.
  • Over the 10-year period 2009 to 2018, the average age of pedalcyclists killed in motor vehicle crashes has increased from 41 to 47.
  • The pedalcyclist fatality rate per million people was 6 times higher for males than females.
  • Alcohol involvement – either for the motor vehicle driver or for the pedalcyclist – was reported in 37 percent of all fatal pedalcyclist crashes in 2018.
  • 26 percent of the pedalcyclists had BACs of .01 grams per deciliter (g/dL) or greater.
  • The majority of pedalcyclists killed (86%) in 2018 were males,  6 times higher for males than for females.
  • Light trucks were the most frequently involved vehicle in crashes in which a pedalcyclist was killed.
  • 45 percent (356 of the 795) of pedalcyclists killed were contacted by light trucks.

View the fact sheet here.