• May 8th, 2020

According to a NCSDR report (NCSDR): “NHTSA data indicate that in recent years there have been about 56,000 crashes reported by police annually that cited driver drowsiness/fatigue [Drowsy Driving, which we are calling DrD]. Annual averages of roughly 40,000 nonfatal injuries and 1,550 fatalities result from these crashes. It is widely recognized that these statistics underreport the extent of these types of crashes. These statistics also do not deal with crashes caused by driver inattention, which is believed to be a larger problem.” These statistics were checked against those obtained in Alabama and accessed by CARE, and our conclusion is that the NCSDR articles are still quite applicable.

Read the study here.

Data analysis by Dr. Dave Brown using the CARE SAFETY portal. CARE processed data generously provided by ALEA.