• June 18th, 2019

This report explores how seamless data collection, analysis and sharing can unlock innovations in transport safety. The rise of smartphones, sensors and connected objects is relentlessly producing more data. Progress in computing power, data science and artificial intelligence make it possible to interpret them. This presents an opportunity for the transport sector in general and for transport safety in particular. This report thus focuses on road safety, drawing on experiences from all transport modes. It examines emerging solutions to better assess crash numbers and to understand factors that contribute to them. It also identifies ways to address infrastructure safety problems in a proactive manner and to tackle road user errors. Finally, the report explores how road safety can benefit from driver assistance systems and cooperative connected solutions. The focus here is on the role of data sharing, including such important aspects as privacy protection, data standards and the role of partnerships. The work builds on the findings of a workshop held in December 2018 and on input from numerous experts.