• July 11th, 2023

The most basic truth about transportation too often goes unsaid: arriving safely is what matters most. We know this to be true, yet in our most familiar and common form of transportation – the use of roads by vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists – tens of thousands of lives are lost every year in America.

One year ago, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT, or the Department) released the National Roadway Safety Strategy, a new, comprehensive approach to address the crisis of deaths on our roadways. In recent years, we have seen alarming increases in roadway fatalities, with rates moving in the wrong direction after decades of progress. An estimated 42,915 people died on our roadways in 2021, with millions more seriously and often permanently injured. We have committed to take urgent action to save lives on our roadways, and we have been working across the Department to do just that. This report provides an update after our first year.

Read the full report here.