• August 13th, 2019

Russian reports detail an injury accident in Russia where a Tesla hit a tow truck parked on the left side of the road, with another car in front of it.  With minimal shoulder, cars have to go around the truck.   The driver claims he was driving his Model 3 with Autopilot on, but was briefly distracted, so did not, as he is supposed to with Autopilot, take control in this tricky situation and steer around the truck.    The car brakes shortly beforehand then hits a glancing but serious blow, injuring the driver and bruising his children.   After the accident, the vehicle caught fire and, as electric cars can do, burned for quite some time.  Electrek has more details.

Tesla has not confirmed that Autopilot was in operation.  The brake lights seen may have been generated by Autopilot or Tesla’s “Automatic Emergency Braking” system which is always on, and should have generated a loud beeping warning before the collision to get the attention of the distracted driver.