• October 17th, 2019

The National Association of Counties (NACo) has created the Connected and Automated Vehicles Toolkit: A Primer for Counties to provide county leaders with an overview of and framework for engagement with the rapidly-growing connected and automated vehicles (CAV) sector.

Breakthroughs in connected and automated vehicles technologies are poised to revolutionize local and national transportation systems over the next decade, potentially bringing significant changes to the built environment and how residents live, work and move around their communities. As technology manufacturers, software developers, auto companies, universities and many other professionals continue to imagine and test these technologies and methods to optimize the nation’s transportation system, county officials, county engineers and transportation planners should have a working knowledge of them in order to make decisions about future local transportation needs and investments.

The toolkit provides an overview of how federal, state and local governments are responding to this revolution to integrate technology, communications, vehicles and infrastructure. Each section of the toolkit – technology, policy, deployment and next steps – provides a high level of overview of the state of play at the federal, state and local levels and then links out to further information and resources on each topic.

After exploring this primer, county leaders should be able to assess and tap into their county’s potential to engage in the continued development of the connected and automated vehicles field and determine how they can take advantage of coming opportunities.