• May 8th, 2020

With the increased use of electronic devices, distracted driving is assumed to be one of the main causes of crashes. The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has demonstrated interest in addressing distracted driving. However, the real impact of distracted driving on traffic crashes in Illinois is still unclear because of what appears to be a lack of accurate reporting. The objective of this project is to conduct a literature review, prepare a summary of findings for evaluating the relationship between distracted driver behavior and other factors, and identify best practices to mitigate distracted driving.

The research team reviewed articles, reports, websites, advertisements, laws, and media reports in related disciplines, including engineering, safety, health care, psychology, law, etc. They compiled information on the characteristics of distracted driving, factors influencing distracted driving, and its association with crashes/crash risk. They also compiled information on laws restricting cell phone use as well as their enforcement and effectiveness, technologies and resources targeting distracted driving, and campaigns and education programs.

This study found that electronic device use is not the only highly frequent distracted driving behavior. Attitude is also an underlying cause of distracted driving.

Read the study here.

Study provided by the Illinois Center for Transportation.