• April 9th, 2024

The following pages highlight a subset of the PSCs with direct application in rural areas. The highlights describe the PSC, include considerations, crash reduction effectiveness, and case studies and resources. This guide is organized by these focus areas and includes a crosscutting section for PSCs that apply to more than one area. Within this guide, crash reduction effectiveness is presented for each PSC. This effectiveness data draws from the Crash Modification Factors (CMF) Clearinghouse,5 which provides a searchable database of CMFs along with guidance and resources on using CMFs in road safety practice. The CMF Clearinghouse ID number is listed for each effectiveness citation. Where available, the guide provides data on crash reductions on rural roads. However, in several cases there was not research or studies available regarding the effectiveness on rural roads. This does not suggest that the PSCs are not effective on rural roads, but rather more studies are necessary to better quantify their effectiveness.

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