• May 3rd, 2021

Driving has become a rite of passage in American culture. Many teens anxiously await the day when their parents or guardians hand over the car keys. Some parents also look forward to the day when their teen no longer needs daily rides to school or activities. Giving your teen a personal vehicle can make life easier for you and your child but it also brings its own set of worries and frustrations.

Compared to other drivers, new drivers have a much higher risk of being involved in a serious motor vehicle crash. Learning to drive takes experience, patience, and proper judgment. Enrolling your child in driver’s education and letting them practice while you are in the car can reinforce safe driving habits. Taking the time to select the right vehicle also has a major impact on your teen driver’s safety.

Whether you choose to gift a car for a special occasion or let your teen borrow a family car, consider the specific needs of your child before handing over the car keys. We’ve compiled some of the top considerations from leading automotive, financial, and teen driving experts to help you determine the right motor vehicle for your child.

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