• May 14th, 2014

The Alabama Department of Public Safety teamed with the University of Alabama Center for Advanced Public Safety (CAPS) to develop eCrash, the nation’s first totally paperless crash reporting system. Except for the reports provided to those involved in crashes, all other aspects of eCrash are paperless, from the officers’ entry of the data (in many cases in their vehicles), through the approval process and uploading to the crash records database in Montgomery.

The use of eCrash for data entry in the officers’ vehicles will keep them in the field where they can respond to emergencies; and moving the data entry to the field will make the data more accurate, timely, complete and consistent. About 95% of crash reporting agencies either use eCrash or submit their crash records electronically in eCrash format, which is now MMUCC compliant. The target date to get all agencies using the eCrash report is December 31, 2010.