Tag: Impaired Driving

  • June 25th, 2024

This report was prepared in accordance with Section 25025 (Drug-Impaired Driving Data Collection) of the Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act (IIJA), Pub. L. 117-58. The report summarizes what is known about the collection of drug-impaired driving data and its reporting to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS). The report describes the FARS data collection process […]

  • June 7th, 2024

Impaired driving continues to be a significant public health and public safety problem in the United States. In 2021 some 30 percent of the 42,915 traffic fatalities involved alcohol-impaired drivers (drivers with blood alcohol concentrations [BACs] of .08 grams per deciliter or higher). In addition, there has been a significant increase in drug-impaired driving and […]

  • January 11th, 2024

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has taken the first step toward making impaired-driving prevention technology standard in new passenger vehicles. The Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that NHTSA is announcing today helps fulfill a requirement in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and supports the Department’s National Roadway Safety Strategy. Read the full article here.

  • August 22nd, 2023

Every state in the U.S. has enacted alcohol-impaired driving laws, which prohibit driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) at or above a .08%. In 2017, the Utah Legislature passed HB155 “Driving Under the Influence and Public Safety Revisions” that changed the state’s illegal limit from .08 to .05 on December 30, 2018. Although alcohol-impaired […]

  • July 27th, 2022

GHSA’s new report with Responsibility.org and the National Alliance to Stop Impaired Driving (NASID), Cannabis Consumers and Safe Driving: Responsible Use Messaging, provides guidance on how State Highway Safety Offices (SHSOs) can better communicate with cannabis consumers about safe driving and offers recommendations about the types of messages that do and don’t work.  The ONLY safe […]

  • June 13th, 2022

Drivers are considered to be alcohol-impaired when their blood alcohol concentrations (BACs) are .08 grams per deciliter (g/dL) or higher. Thus, any fatal crash involving a driver with a BAC of .08 g/dL or higher is considered to be an alcohol-impaired-driving crash, and fatalities occurring in those crashes are considered to be alcohol-impaired-driving fatalities. The […]

  • October 8th, 2021

Facts About Counterfeit Pills Criminal drug networks are mass-producing fake pills and falsely marketing them as legitimate prescription pills to deceive the American public. Counterfeit pills are widely available, and DEA and its law enforcement partners are seizing deadly fake pills at record rates. Counterfeit pills are more lethal than ever before. The number of […]

  • August 3rd, 2021

The Labor Day holiday weekend is one of the deadliest times of the year in terms of drunk-driving fatalities. With NHTSA’s support, state and local law enforcement agencies across the nation are stepping-up enforcement to keep communities safe by putting an end to drunk driving. Sobering Statistics Approximately one-third of all traffic crash fatalities in […]