Tag: School Buses

  • August 24th, 2022

Nearly every day, millions of children across the United States line up to ride the bus to school. The school bus is one of the safest modes of transportation, but illegal school bus passing poses a significant threat to children and their caretakers. During National School Bus Safety Week [which is October 17-21, 2022] help […]

  • August 24th, 2022

School buses are the safest way for children to get to school. Their design was meant to be safer than any passenger vehicle in avoiding crashes and preventing injuries. Teaching children to follow safety rules on the bus is just as important as informing drivers about the laws regarding school buses. Read more here.

  • August 8th, 2022

A school-transportation-related crash is a motor vehicle traffic crash that directly or indirectly involves a school transportation vehicle. These vehicles include those of a school bus body type or a non-school-bus functioning as a school bus, transporting children to and from school or school-related activities. For the purposes of this fact sheet, school-age children are […]

  • April 20th, 2021

School bus stop-arm cameras are an emerging strategy used by school jurisdictions and law enforcement agencies to address the issue of drivers illegally passing stopped school buses. A stop-arm camera typically records video of vehicles and/or drivers who pass school buses when the stop-arm is extended. Several States have passed legislation allowing the use of […]

  • September 19th, 2019

 It can be a hot ride home on the school bus for many Alabama students because most buses do not have air conditioning, said State Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey. Mackey said there are health needs that can be addressed by air conditioned buses in city, urban and rural systems. “What we really are looking at […]

  • August 19th, 2019

Houston County Superintendent David Sewell met with staff Wednesday to discuss stiffing heat on school buses. He is encouraging drivers, when possible, to leave windows open all day so it will be a little cooler when students board in the afternoon. “We also want to put water on board (for the students) until this heatwave […]