• January 1st, 2016

The Alabama Crash Facts Book (CFB) is an annual publication produced in part by CAPS that provides a wide breadth of traffic safety statistics for a variety of constituencies. While most of the users of the CFB are traffic safety personnel, this publication is also intended to serve as a public information conduit.

Fatal crashes were extremely high in 2016 with 996 fatal crashes, which was significantly (11.3%) higher than the average of 11.3% over the next four years   Similarly, the next highest severity class was over 20% higher than expected.

A special study that was performed to study this problem found that the increases in fatal crashes were caused by speed and factors related to speed.  Other contributing factors in addition to speed that increased for fatal crashes included DUI (Impaired Driving), Aggressive Operation, Failure to Yield the Right of Way, and Improper Crossing for pedestrian crashes.

Read the 2016 CFB here.