• May 18th, 2021

The Alabama Crash Facts Book (CFB) is an annual publication produced in part by CAPS that provides a wide breadth of traffic safety statistics for a variety of constituencies. While most of the users of the CFB are traffic safety personnel, this publication is also intended to serve as a public information conduit.

The largest over-represented Primary Contributing Circumstance in 2017 involved the causal vehicle running off the road.  It accounted for 3,788 crashes during 2017, which was over 10% higher than expected based on the average of all crashes over the 2016-2020 period.  Additional analyses to determine the reason for or correlations to these crashes include the following: (1) Saturday and Sunday crashes, (2) times from 9:00 PM and increasing throughout the night up through 8:00 AM the following day, (3) 50% more than expected in rural areas, (4) twice as many crashes on County roads as would be expected, (5) over 4.5 times the expected number of single-vehicle crashes, (6) proportion of crashes resulting in death nearly four times the expected number.  All of these factors are generally highly correlated with Impaired Driving (ID), and this year was no exception, with alcohol impairment being over 25% higher than expected and drug impairment being about twice that expected.

Read the 2017 CFB here.