• May 21st, 2018

As an emergency physician, EMS medical director, and now director of the NHTSA Office of EMS, I have worked closely with EMS providers whose dedication to their patients and their colleagues often goes unrecognized. As we celebrate another EMS Week, I want to thank each of you, your families and all the people who make it possible for you to help people day in and day out.

The theme of EMS Week this year is “Stronger Together,” which recognizes not only the bonds we form with our fellow EMS providers, but also the importance of collaboration. Whether working with colleagues in your organization, partners within your community, or agencies in neighboring jurisdictions, we truly are stronger when we do things together as a team.

At NHTSA, we know that firsthand, thanks to our work with the many other organizations supporting EMS across the nation. As a member of the Federal Interagency Committee on EMS, NHTSA collaborates with Federal agencies every day to support EMS at the state, tribal and local levels, through efforts including EMS Agenda 2050 and the National EMS Scope of Practice Model – both of which are currently looking for your feedback and input.

This EMS Week, we’re also grateful to the U.S. Postal Service, who recently released the design of a stamp honoring first responders for the uncommon bravery, skill and dedication you bring to work every day. The stamp will be available later this year.

I encourage you to embrace this year’s theme, Stronger Together, and continue to collaborate with your partners and search for new organizations and individuals you can partner with to improve the lives of your patients.

From all of us at the Office of EMS, NHTSA and the Department of Transportation, thank you for everything you do every day.

Jon R. Krohmer, MD
Director, NHTSA Office of EMS