• December 31st, 2011

In June, 2011, RITA Administrator Peter Appel informed the university transportation centers (UTC) that the 59 current UTC Program grants would not be funded for Federal Fiscal Year 2011 but that a new rendition of the UTC program would be fully funded for that year. July saw the release of the grant solicitation from RITA, and, after a whirlwind competition, new awardees were announced in January, 2012. Two members of the three-member UTCA coalition—The University of Alabama at Birmingham and The University of Alabama in Huntsville—were part of new, funded coalitions. The third UTCA member—the University of Alabama—was not funded from the competition.

The three members of UTCA worked together for calendar year 2011, and that work is described in this Annual Report. Though the original UTCA coalition will not be funded once Federal Fiscal Year 2010 funds have been expended, RITA funding for UTCA has left all three institutions better placed to provide the transportation community with the education, research, and technology-transfer activities for which UTCs were created.