• August 22nd, 2019

This document currently contains the results of a study of young drivers (5-15) of All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), Bicycles (Bic) and Motorcycles (Mot). It was part of a more comprehensive study of young victims of motor vehicle crashes that resulted in three closely related analyses of passengers and drivers in motor vehicle crashes with the following characteristics (brief filter designation):

  • Passengers aged 0-15 (F2);
  • Drivers of motor vehicles in the 10-15 age range (F3); and
  • Drivers aged 5-15 of ATVs, Bicycles or Motorcycles (ATV/Bic/Mot); (filter F4).

This report contains the results and reasoning behind the third of these, drivers aged 5-15 of ATVs, Bicycles or Motorcycles. Because the filter for this study considered all persons aged 5- 15 who were in the “Front” position of “Front Motorcycle – ATV – Bicycle,” this was assumed to include both motorcycle and motor-driven cycles. The next section gives a full description of the difference between a motorcycle and a motor-driven cycle.