• June 30th, 2023

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) support drivers with some driving tasks. However, drivers may lack appropriate knowledge about ADAS (referred to as their mental model), which can translate to drivers misusing or mistrusting the technologies, especially in situations beyond the capability of the system (i.e., edge cases). Past research suggests that mental models may be […]

  • March 2nd, 2022

Traffic related crashes cause more than 38,000 fatalities every year in the United States. They are the leading cause of death among drivers up to 54 years in age and incur $871 million in losses each year. Driver errors contribute to about 94% of these crashes. In response, automotive companies have been developing vehicles with […]

  • January 19th, 2021

NHTSA has released reports across a spectrum of topics addressing new vehicle technologies. Topics such as the implications of newer cockpit designs on drivers, approaches to address cybersecurity vulnerabilities in modern vehicles, the performance of crash avoidance technologies, and safety applications for communications technology installed on heavy vehicles. NHTSA continues to prioritize vehicle safety research […]