Tag: Auburn University

  • August 5th, 2021

The Alabama Road Safety Conference is designed to strengthen the knowledge of available tools, countermeasures, and processes to improve safety within your jurisdiction. The conference will highlight methods to identify roadway safety issues and appropriate countermeasures. The Conference agenda was developed to emphasize the implementation of the safety process through all stages  of roadway planning, […]

  • July 15th, 2021

The 8th Annual Alabama Road Safety Conference is scheduled for October 26-28, 2021 at the Marriott Shoals Hotel & Spa in Florence, AL. We anticipate an attendance of over 150 participants which typically includes federal and state highway personnel, county and city engineers, consultants, and university faculty members. The Alabama Road Safety Conference is designed […]

  • August 12th, 2020

In the interest of the safety of our stakeholders, the Alabama Transportation Assistance Program at Auburn University and ALDOT’s Office of Safety Operations have concluded that the 2020 Alabama Road Safety Conference will be a virtual event.  Registration and program information will be available soon. Alabama Transportation Assistance Program 202 Ramsay Hall, Auburn AL 36849 […]

  • March 19th, 2019

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2016 witnessed the most pedestrian fatalities since 1990, accounting for approximately 16 percent of all roadway fatalities (5,987). In 2016, 72% of pedestrian fatalities occurred away from intersections (e.g., mid-block locations) and approximately 26% occurred at intersections. This full day workshop, through the Federal Highway Administration’s Every […]

  • November 30th, 2018

This course will present current guidance for implementing traditional and emerging countermeasures to reduce wrong-way driving (WWD) crashes on freeways and divided highways in the state of Alabama. Each year, hundreds of fatal WWD crashes occur across the United States, and thousands of injuries are reported in crashes caused by wrong-way (WW) drivers. After collecting […]

  • July 15th, 2014

The 2018 Alabama Rural Road Safety Conference is for city engineers, county engineers, public works officials, transportation planners, DOT personnel, and others who are responsible for the design, maintenance, and safety of rural roads. This year’s conference is to strengthen your knowledge of available tools, countermeasures, and processes to improve safety on your roads. The […]

  • January 29th, 2014

A need exists for road building contractors to be properly trained in temporary traffic control setups and have the ability to assess conditions throughout the entire project duration that assists with evaluation, identification, and assessment of existing hazards while also providing guidance for corrective measures. To fulfill this need, this training course in Temporary Traffic […]