• June 9th, 2020

The Speeding Traffic Safety Fact Sheet summarizes speeding-related crashes in 2018.  Among the key findings:

  • There were 36,560 traffic fatalities in 2018; among them, 9,378 (26%) were in crashes involving at least one speeding driver.
  • Speeding-related fatalities in 2018 decreased by 6 percent from 2017, from 9,947 to 9,378.
  • In 2018, some 30 percent of male drivers and 18 percent female drivers in the 15- to- 20-year-old age group involved in fatal crashes were speeding.
  • In 2018, about 37 percent of all speeding drivers in fatal crashes were alcohol-impaired, compared to 16 percent of non-speeding drivers involved in fatal crashes.
  • In 2018, there were 31 percent of motorcycle riders involved in fatal crashes who were speeding, more than drivers of any other vehicle type.
  • In fatal crashes in 2018, nearly half (48%) of speeding drivers of passenger vehicle drivers were unrestrained at the time of crashes, compared to 21 percent of non-speeding passenger vehicle drivers.

View the fact sheet here.