• July 23rd, 2018

Alabama’s ignition interlock law first came into effect in September 2011.  Since that time, small changes have been made to increase its enforceability.  This year, the Ignition Interlock Coalition made a concerted effort to change the law in order to spur an increase in use of ignition interlocks and ultimately to make them more money. All of these new provisions go into effect July 1, 2018.

The first significant addition to the interlock law is the requirement that any DUI admitted to a pretrial diversion program must include an ignition interlock device upon entrance into the program.  Even if a jurisdiction does not have a defined pretrial diversion program, any form of deferral is covered under this act and the defendant must install an ignition interlock.  Currently, this subsection will sunset after 5 years, but there is a movement to remove this provision in a future legislative session.