• March 1st, 2019

MIRE, the Model Inventory of Roadway Elements, is a recommended listing of roadway inventory and traffic elements critical to safety management. MIRE is intended as a guideline to help transportation agencies improve their roadway and traffic data inventories. It provides a basis for a standard of what can be considered a good/robust data inventory and helps agencies move towards the use of performance measures to assess data quality. The Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) reauthorizing legislation identifies the need for improved and more robust safety data for better safety analysis to support the development of State’s Strategic Highway Safety Plans (SHSPs) and their Highway Safety Improvement Programs(HSIPs). Among these new analytic tools are: the Highway Safety Manual, the Interactive Highway Safety Design Model (IHSDM), AASHTOWare Safety Analyst™, as well as AASHTO’s NCHRP Series 500 Data and Analysis Guide, which all require crash, roadway, and traffic data to achieve the most accurate results.