• September 11th, 2020

Title 23, United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), 23 CFR 646.208 establishes funding for the elimination of hazards at public rail-highway grade crossings. The intent of this program and application is to reduce rail-highway grade crossing fatalities and incidents. The program is a cooperative effort between the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) as well as in correlation with the ALDOT Rail State Action Plan.

The purpose of the ALDOT Rail-Highway Safety Programs (Rail Programs) Hazard Elimination Application is to strategically provide an opportunity for local agencies, road authorities, ALDOT Region and Area Offices, and railroad companies to identify crossing locations that demonstrate a significant hazard to the traveling public and request funds for rail safety improvements. The application was also developed to create a parallel program option to the Priority Ranking List. The application process will aid in prioritizing locations with hazards identified. The funding shall be administered with all applicable state and federal laws, regulations, policies, and procedures including executive orders. Submission of an application does not guarantee or constitute selection or funding from the program.

See the application here.