Tag: Pedestrian Safety

  • November 2nd, 2023

The pedestrian safety month resource webinar recordings can be viewed here and focuses on the national roadway safety strategy. The webinar also covers valuable insights into topics such as data and safe streets for all, which highlights the importance of secure pedestrian environments community involvement in promoting pedestrian safety.

  • October 12th, 2023

Every October, NHTSA celebrates National Pedestrian Safety Month. States, local leaders, traffic safety professionals, transportation planners and engineers, other stakeholders and concerned residents are invited to join us in helping to create a transportation system for all people to easily and safely walk. NHTSA is strengthening its efforts to improve safety for pedestrians and other […]

  • September 28th, 2023

In response to the rising concerns about intersection safety across the United States, traffic administrators have developed various techniques to create more effective and targeted improvement projects. Among them, Knowledge-Based Expert Systems (KBESs) demonstrate the unique advantage of having low requirements for users’ experience and efficient decision-making. This study proposes an enhanced KBES to assist […]